CASTING NOTICE - Otherworld Theatre Company Staged Concert Experience this Summer / by Derek McPhatter


Otherworld Theatre Company is accepting resumes / headshots and reels for Bring the Beat Back a queer, black, sci-fi, staged concert experience. Roles are for performers of African descent. Performers of all gender expressions are encouraged to apply. The show will run this June, with rehearsals starting in May.

This is a non-equity presentation, paying $90
Interested parties should submit head-shot and resume to 

Mary-kate at

About the Musical

Conceived by playwright Derek Lee McPhatter, Bring the Beat Back is an energetic music-theatre experience, set in a futuristic, groove-centered alternative reality. Our hero journeys towards self- acceptance and spiritual affirmation, as religious authorities and an ostentatious gay subculture clash over music at the center of his world. The music is grounded in house, funk and electronic grooves, inspired by afro-futurist traditions in gospel, disco, RnB and hip hop, as well as underground ball culture.

Available Roles

Headshots, resumes and video reels are being reviewed for the roles below. Candidates are encouraged to submit for any role whose gender expression they are interested in performing.

Black / African Descent
18 - 25
The Favored son and “the voice” for the Tru Believer Movement. Youthful, optimistic, choir boy. A little

reserved. Tenor.

Black / African Descent
21 - 27
Dayton’s big sister. Favored daughter and “the dancer” of the Tru Believer Movement. Energetic, head-strong, fast talker. Can dance and rap.

RAYMOND DAVIDSON PRESCOTT, Formerly Del Rey Dupri of the Illustrious Industrious House of Dupri
Black / African Descent
27 - 37

Last survivor of the House of Dupri. Presents as male, sometimes with a femme edge. Can dance and


Black / African Descent
27 - 37
Trudy’s boyfriend and Deacon in the Tru Believer Movement. Ex go-go boy and music enthusiast.
Loves the gear. Conventionally masculine; not the smartest. Flexible vocal range (Tenor, Baritone or Alto).

Black / African Descent
Open Age
The Boss on the Musicship Megarhythmic. A celestial being with authority. Old school. Serious. No nonsense. No mess, especially from those humans. Baritone / Bass.

Black / African Descent
Open Age
Another celestial being. One of the Krew on the Musicship Megarhythmic. Ready to show out to
impress that Captain. Gospel/funk inflections. Alto or Tenor.

Black / African Descent
Open Age
Another celestial being and member of the Krew. Quick with the gossip and side-eye. Never to be outdone by The Baroness! Disco /R&B vibes; The fun auntie. Soprano, Alto, Countertenor.

Several singer/dancers well-versed in Soul, R&B, funk, and Gospel stylings, playing multiple roles.

Detailed Story Synopsis

DJ Desdemona has died, and her children - Trudy and Dayton - are the new leaders of the DJ’s “Tru Believer” movement. Trudy’s boyfriend, Studness, hires an ex-gay consultant, Rey, to make Dayton heterosexual, as is expected for all Tru Believers. Rey’s fabulous intervention mesmerizes Dayton with memories of a queer black underground and news of the Grandest Ball of All (a competition on the other side of town). 

Meanwhile, Trudy and Studness prepare the Tru Believer congregation for the apocalypse, and Trudy’s negotiations with The Krew (a boisterous collective of computerized spirits in outer space) leave no doubt: the world is beggin’ for Armageddon. The Krew reminds everybody about the Tru Believer gospel: mysterious rhythms are the path to salvation, and Dayton leads a music ritual to reveal the beat. Rey claims that rhythm was originally created by the queer underground and invites Dayton join him at the Ball with the beat. 

So we’re off to the Ball! Rey’s longing for his glory days; Trudy’s frustration at her brother’s faltered steps; Studness’ confusion with a fiancé who barely sees him – and Dayton, following his heart even unto the End of the World. Maybe the Krew is right and this is how it’s all going to end. Or maybe, just maybe, this can be the beginning of something new for all of us...